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Harness the power of immediate customer feedback with our expertly crafted Tap to Google Review cards. Designed by industry specialists, this tool transforms how your clients engage with your business online. With a simple tap on their smartphone, your customers are whisked away to your Google review page, paving the way for authentic 5-star ratings in an unprecedented 5-10-second timeframe.

Innovative Features Tailored for Business Excellence:


  • Direct Customer Engagement: Leveraging the state-of-the-art Google Tap Review Cards, your business benefits from a direct line to customer opinions. Our meticulously engineered process ensures customers can leave real-time feedback swiftly, enhancing your service quality through invaluable insights.
  • Amplify Your Online Presence: This potent tool isn’t just about accumulating reviews; it’s a strategic asset to boost your digital footprint on Google’s competitive landscape. With more reviews, your business gains enhanced visibility, leading to greater discoverability and customer trust.
  • User-Friendly Technology: The integration of QR and NFC technologies in our Google Review Cards makes leaving reviews a hassle-free experience. It’s a no-fuss solution that guides customers smoothly to your review page, fostering a user-friendly environment that encourages positive feedback.
  • Sophisticated and Adaptable Design: Crafted with an eye for both functionality and aesthetics, our cards are not only visually appealing but are also designed to be compact and adaptable for a variety of business environments. Whether it’s at the checkout counter or with the bill at a restaurant, the cards are the perfect companion for any customer interaction point.
  • Powered by NFC & QR code
  • iOS & Android Compatible
  • Free Delivery
  • One-Time Fee – No hidden costs
  • Pre-programmed & ready to use
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Accelerate the growth of your online reviews with the revolutionary Google Review Cards. In a marketplace where every review counts, our OneTap Review Card is a game-changer, enabling customers to leave instant feedback with the simplest action, a tap on their smartphone using advanced NFC technology. Eliminate the complexity and lose the frustration of traditional review methods; our QR code-enabled cards offer a direct route to your Google review page, compatible seamlessly with both iOS and Android devices.

Key Advantages of Investing in Google Tap Review Cards:

  • Elevate Your Ratings: Propel your business to the top of the review charts. Our Google Review Cards are designed to help you outperform your competitors, providing a swift increase in positive online endorsements.
  • Cement Your Trustworthiness: Building a robust online reputation is pivotal. Our solution reinforces trust with potential clients, laying a foundation for long-term customer relationships.
  • Boost Search Visibility: In the digital age, visibility is currency. Enhance your search engine presence, ensuring that your business stands out in Google’s search results.
  • Drive Business Success: The end goal is growth. By improving review volume and quality, you draw in new clientele, thereby expanding your business’s reach and revenue potential.

The NFC Google Review Cards serve as a critical instrument for businesses aiming to skyrocket their online profile. We stand by our commitment to transparency — no hidden costs, just free delivery. Integrate this essential review tool into your business practice and witness a substantial uplift in customer engagement. Welcome to a smarter way of managing online reviews, delivered through a sophisticated and user-intuitive format by OneTap Review.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to order in 2 steps?

  1. Enter the name and address of your business exactly as it appears on Google Maps, including the postal code, in the designated fields.
  2. Proceed to checkout to finalise your purchase.

For multiple businesses, simply add a separate product to your cart for each unique set of business details.

What exactly is a Google review card?

A Google review card is a cutting-edge asset for any business looking to enhance their customer engagement. By combining the technologies of a QR code with Near Field Communication (NFC), we’ve created a straightforward way for your customers to access your Google review page in seconds, just a quick scan or tap with their smartphone is all it takes.

How do these cards enable the collection of reviews instantly?

Designed with NFC and QR code technology, our Google Review Cards remove any barrier to your review page. This tech ensures an effortless and immediate transition from physical card to digital review space.

Are these cards compatible across different smartphone platforms?

Absolutely, our Google Review tags have been created to function seamlessly with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring all your customers have the opportunity to provide feedback.

Will I incur any shipping fees with my order?

No, the card comes with free delivery and no hidden costs.

What’s the best way to use these cards to collect reviews?

Position the card in a spot frequented by customers to maximise visibility and ease of use. The ideal placement would be where they can effortlessly tap or scan, like near the point of sale or at a dedicated review station within your business premises. This encourages a quick and convenient way for them to leave a review right on your Google page.


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PVC Card


85.5mm H x 54mm W



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NFC, QR Code