Trustpilot Phone Tag (NFC & QR)

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  • Trustpilot Integration: It is designed for optimal interaction with Trustpilot, enhancing engagement.
  • Customer Feedback: Facilitates and simplifies the process of obtaining customer reviews.
  • Strategic Marketing Tool: It can be used as part of a broader marketing strategy to increase customer reviews on Trustpilot.
  • Compact and Efficient: The product design is compact, durable, and user-friendly, making it efficient for carrying and using.
  • Powered by NFC & QR code
  • iOS & Android Compatible
  • Free Delivery
  • One-Time Fee – No hidden costs
  • Pre-programmed & ready to use
  • Change Your Link From Our Cloud Platform
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Let your customer feedback flow freely with the Trustpilot Phone Tag. This innovative NFC and QR-enabled device streamlines the review process like never before. Gone are the days of clunky methods that disrupt the customer experience. Now, with just a simple tap or scan from their smartphone, customers can seamlessly provide feedback whenever they desire.

This powerful little tag unlocks universal compatibility, welcoming responses from both iOS and Android users alike. It’s the ultimate tool for gathering authentic, in-the-moment reactions crucial for understanding your customers and elevating your brand. Equipped with same-day delivery and transparent pricing, the Trustpilot Phone Tag eliminates barriers to better business insights.

Give your customers a voice while gaining the actionable data you need with the Trustpilot Phone Tag. Let it take your review collection into the future today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Trustpilot Phone Tag NFC & QR from OneTapReview?

The Trustpilot Phone Tag NFC & QR is a product that allows customers to leave reviews quickly and easily. It uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and Quick Response (QR) codes to direct users to a business’s Trustpilot review page simply by tapping their phone or scanning the code.

How does the Trustpilot Phone Tag work?

To use the Trustpilot Phone Tag NFC & QR, customers simply tap their NFC-enabled smartphone against the tag or scan the QR code with their phone’s camera. This action will automatically redirect them to the business’s Trustpilot review page where they can leave their feedback.

Is the Trustpilot Phone Tag compatible with all smartphones?

The QR code function is compatible with all smartphones that have a camera capable of scanning QR codes. The NFC function works with most modern smartphones that have NFC capabilities.

Where can I place these Tags to get the best results?

The Trustpilot Phone Tag NFC & QR should be placed in a location where it is easily accessible to customers who have completed a transaction or experienced a service. Common places include near the checkout area, at the reception desk, or alongside the product or service that was provided.

How many reviews can I collect with one Trustpilot Phone Tag?

Each Trustpilot Phone Tag can collect an unlimited number of reviews. As long as the tag is visible and accessible to customers, they will be able to continue scanning and leaving reviews over time. It does not expire or have a review limit.



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Material Type

Sticker – Anti metal with 3m glue backing


35mm diameter

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