At OneTap Reviews, we value transparency and clarity. We kindly urge you to read and understand these terms before agreeing.

1. Terminology:

  • Contract: Our agreement to sell you goods and/or services, governed by these terms.
  • Goods: Products or services we provide under this agreement.
  • Returns Policy: Our guidelines for when and how goods can be returned.
  • We/us/our: Refers to OneTap Reviews.
  • You/your: Refers to the individual purchasing from us.

2. Our Agreement:

2.1 These terms encapsulate our entire understanding. Any changes must be in writing and endorsed by us.

2.2 Our representatives cannot promise anything not in writing.

2.3 Deliveries can be in parts. Each part is a separate contract.

2.4 Product details (like weight, size) are approximations.

2.5 We can withdraw offers or promotions anytime. If you’ve already paid, we’ll refund you.

3. Ordering from Us:

3.1 Your order becomes binding once we accept it. Orders must be for personal use. Confirming an order implies you’re 16 or older.

3.2 Reselling intentions? We might refuse your order or treat you as a commercial buyer.

3.3 Ensure order details are accurate. We aren’t responsible for errors due to incorrect details.

3.4 Custom orders? We might need changes to comply with regulations.

4. Pricing:

4.1 Prices are as confirmed during order.

4.2 Spot an error in our prices? We’ll contact you for a resolution.

4.3 If we can’t provide goods at the listed price or specs, we’ll notify you. You’re not obliged to accept substitutes.

4.4 Prices include applicable taxes. Additional costs (like packaging or delivery) will be clear before you order.

5. Payment:

5.1 Check our Payment Options for details.

6. Delivery:

6.1 Ensure you’re ready to receive goods when delivered.

6.2 We’ll provide delivery estimates. Delays? We’ll notify you but won’t be liable for any resultant losses.

6.3 For any delivery issues not due to uncontrollable factors or your fault, our responsibility is limited to providing you with a refund or replacement. 6.4 First-time orders? We’ll deliver to the cardholder’s registered address. For any missed deliveries, additional charges might apply.

6.5 Ordering from outside the EU? You handle customs and duties. We’re not liable for customs-related delays. If we face any charges due to your customs mishaps, you’ll reimburse us.


7.1 When the Goods are delivered to a location other than our premises, you assume the risk for any damage or loss. If you don’t take delivery and pick them up instead, the risk passes to you at pickup time.

7.2 Even if you’ve taken delivery, you don’t own the Goods until you’ve fully paid for them.

7.3 If you don’t pay according to the agreed terms, we can ask you to return the Goods or even seek a court order to take them back.


8.1 Unless explicitly stated, and unless the Goods are sold to consumers, we exclude any other warranties or terms to the fullest extent allowed by law. If sold to a consumer, we guarantee that the Goods are of acceptable quality and fit for their purpose.

8.2 Selling to consumers means we don’t affect your legal rights. You can learn more about these rights from the National Consumer Agency.

8.3 Our warranty doesn’t cover damages due to normal use, intentional damage, accidents, misuse, not following our guidelines, or any unauthorized repairs or changes.

8.4 If the Goods don’t meet the Conditions, let us know ASAP. If they’re indeed faulty, we’ll refund, replace, or repair them for you.

8.5 Neither party is responsible for unforeseeable losses due to not following these Conditions.

8.6 Neither of us are liable for certain types of losses like lost profits or data. However, this doesn’t include direct physical damage that could have been anticipated.

8.7 We can’t exclude or limit our liability for serious harm caused by our negligence, fraud, certain legal breaches, or defective products.


9.1 Neither of us are responsible for delays or failures due to unforeseeable events.

9.2 These Conditions don’t give rights to third parties.

9.3 Any official notice should be written and sent to the provided addresses or emails.

9.4 If we don’t act on a breach, it doesn’t mean we won’t act on future breaches.

9.5 If any part of these Conditions is illegal or unenforceable, it will be removed but the rest will remain valid.

9.6 These Conditions are governed by Irish law and disputes will be settled in Irish courts.

9.7 We might record phone calls for quality purposes.

9.8 All the photos, images, and descriptions on our website are copyrighted by OneTap Review.

9.9 Our dealings will be in English.

9.10 You can’t transfer your rights without our permission. We can transfer our rights.


10.1 You can cancel an order within 14 days of receiving the last Good without giving reasons.

10.2-10.4 Notify us via email if you want to cancel. Customized Goods can’t be canceled.


11.1-11.5 If you cancel, we’ll refund you (minus certain deductions). Details on how and when refunds will be provided and how to return Goods are outlined.


17.1 Report any errors with your delivery within 48 hours. If there’s an issue, we’ll ask you to confirm and then we’ll investigate and resolve it.

17.2 Tell us within 14 days if you haven’t received your package.